I am a strong believer in synergy.
To me synergy means making a variety of different elements working together to build a more complete and powerful approach.

I use different techniques in order to support you and work through your needs in a more solid and wider way. The methods I use are deigned to empower and put you in control of your own process.

One to one sessions are open to anyone who is dealing with anxiety, stress related disorders, sleep difficulties and PTSD or just wants to achieve a better sense of wellbeing in their lives.

During the first consultation I will ask a variety of questions relating to your heath habits, life style, work, etc, in order to build up a picture I can work on.
The first consultation can last up to 60 minutes, after which I will prepare a plan with a series of techniques designed according to your own needs and goals. Based on the individual case, I might guide you through a short session after the consultation. I will always discuss the techniques I will be using with you beforehand.
Each Sophrology session following the first consultation can last up to 60 minutes.

I would recommend TRE individual sessions as well as Sophrology if you have a history of PTSD or complex trauma. If you have complex/developmental trauma I would suggest to work in synergy with talking therapy.
One TRE session can last up to 90 minutes.

There is no minimum number of sessions you will need to attend in order to get results but, based on my own experience, I have noticed better results with a minimum of 5-6 sessions.
Prices: Individual sessions £75
Block of 3 sessions to be booked together in advance for £210 and/0r block of 6 sessions for £400
A discounted price after 6 sessions is available

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Claudia Colella

Qualified Sophrologist FEPS/ Certified TRE Provider

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