Creativity is my inner drive which has an impact on all aspects of my life.

I write poetry.
I started when I was about 7 years old and since then it has become a precious aspect of my entire life that has allowed and still allows me to open up to and explore my own person.
My educational background is in literature and visual arts: I also worked as a photographer for a few years before I felt ready to channel my experience and work directly with supporting people in their journey.

I suffered from an eating disorder, anxiety and insomnia for years: poetry was all I had to release the pain and make sense of what happened inside and outside myself. It also brought me closer to people and the world around me by nourishing my appetite for learning and exploring new levels of understanding.


For most of my life, I struggled with keeping anxiety under control. I started practising yoga in my teens and then different types of meditation, which at times helped manage it.
But it was while in France, a few years back, when I heard about Sophrology for the first time. 

I started to practise some of the techniques recommended by a practitioner there and it truly amazed me how quickly and well it worked.
Those techniques also supported me enormously and built up my resilience even while caring for my father in the hospital during his battle with cancer until his death.

Since I qualified from The Sophrology Academy in the UK, I have been working with people from various walks of life in the UK, mainland Europe and in a Mindfulness based community in Northern Thailand: some recovering from burnout, some from addictions, and some from traumas: all battling with day-to-day anxiety.


It was in Thailand that I learnt about another method that has had an enormous impact on me,

either professionally and personally, TRE.

TRE, which stands for trauma and tension release exercise, gave me a new level of understanding on how I could work with and heal from trauma.

I immediately knew the impact it could have on my clients and of course, on me.

I studied with TRE trainer Steve Haines at the TRE College in the UK where I am now mentoring TRE students.

As well as developing my private practice, in the last few years I have been working for

various charities and organisations like Happy Baby Community and Solace which respectively

support refugee women and survivors of domestic abuse and violence, an area

I am very passionate about.

I am currently studying integrative counselling and psychotherapy at the CPPD school in London.


My aim as a therapist is to provide people with tools they can use anytime they need, to help them develop a sense of resilience and adaptability and with that improve their ability to cope with stress and anxiety.