The word Sophrology comes from the ancient Greek: 
SOS = harmony 
PHREN = consciousness
LOGOS = study
In other words, Sophrology means the study of consciousness in harmony.

Sophrology was created in Spain by neuro-psychiatrist Professor Alfonso Caycedo in 1960 and combines techniques based on practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Zen meditation with relaxation, hypnosis, phenomenology and psychology. Professor Caycedo studied and practised them extensively and created a unique structured method that can be easily incorporated in a busy lifestyle.
It is developed in order to achieve body and mind balance based on easy-to-do physical exercises, breathing techniques and visualisation.
Sophrology is employed in helping in a variety of fields: from stress management and anxiety to sleeping disorders, from chronic pain conditions to addictions, as well as childbirth and event preparation like exams or job interviews.  The aim is to achieve an alert mind in a relaxed body.  Sophrology adapts to the client and their goals.
Individual sessions are open to anyone who wants to work on a particular goal or area in their personal development or simply achieving a general sense of well-being. The first session involves a consultation where I will be asking questions in order to build a picture about what particular area we need to work on. 
After the initial consultation, I will prepare a programme for a series of sessions involving very gentle and easy to do physical exercises, breathing exercises and visualisation. 

Sophrology is a school of freedom on the path of existence.

-Professor Alfonso Caycedo
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Claudia Colella

Sophrology Practitioner FEPS

I offer individual sessions tailor cut to one’s specific individual needs and goals.
After a first consultation, in which I’ll ask a series of questions in order to asses what I can offer, I will prepare a series of techniques which I will discuss with the client each session.
Each session can last up to 1 hour.
I also offer free recordings of the sessions for the client to take home and practice the techniques in his/her own time. All my clients are provided with tools that are tiers and can use for the rest of their lives.

Each session costs £65.
I also offer one free session if a package of 6 sessions is booked in advance.
As a Sophrologist, I know that practice is the key to great results. Sophrology sessions are designed to empower and reinforce independency.

I am also a member of The Sophrology Network UK and Sophrology Academy Directory

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